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"Friends playing in the backyard"
"Friends playing in the backyard"

Personal project based on science fiction stories.

We found refuge in the elephant tank, and we realized that the past was tormented by wars, the good news is that we discovered a good amount of lithium in its heart, a very precious resource that served the wrong purposes, now we can use it to heat our food.

We spent a while in that backyard, observing how the vegetation had flooded part of the mechanism, this left us unable to get out of the hole we were in, despite that, it felt like a small victory of nature against humanity.

Before returning, in the crotch of the elephant tank, my best friend told me that she like her, I didn't know how to react and all my friends encouraged me not to waste that opportunity.

An illustration and writing to start this 2022
I also made the music for the process, to gradually fill in my creative spaces.

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